• Major

    As a compressor line standard setter, we have many honors, intellectual property rights and invention patents.

  • security

    The original industry uses piston type air compressor, arbitrary drag misplacing the existence of security risks. The high safety of twin screw compressor. The device is protected by pressure, temperature and current, and the temperature of the motor winding is protected.

  • energy conservation

    High efficiency IPM motor, with energy-saving logic controller, to achieve the highest level of exhaust.

  • Full function

    Air compressor, air storage tank, freeze dryer and precision filter in one, the most reasonable post-processing and pipe design layout, so that users save worry and effort.

  • high reliability

    Fifteen years, focus on air compressor, technology precipitation, experience accumulation, and create high quality and high reliability products.

Shanghai Shengwei Huike Technology Co., Ltd. Since its inception, after more than 10 years of good governance, from the beginning of the hardships of the beginning to become a set of air system design, development, production, sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprises, To provide energy-saving equipment, operation and maintenance management, energy management and upgrading, and so on, through a covered with thorns, full of ups and downs of the entrepreneurial path, through a heart and sweat paved the way.
The development of Shanghai Shengwei Huike Technology Co., Ltd. is devoted to the earnest relationship and support of the employees of the community and the staff, and this kind of concern and support has also become the source of the development and growth of the company. It is also the inspiration for our future. emotional support. Here, I would like to express on behalf of Schneider Risheng Shanghai Shengwei Hui Technology Co., Ltd. to extend my most sincere thanks!

Companies focus on the future development trend of the industry, developed a "pioneering, innovative, high quality and efficient" development strategy, towards the international development of large-scale air compressor road step forward. Since the implementation of the three years since the implementation of the business performance continues to improve, significantly enhance the brand influence, all aspects of work have made leap-forward development, stage of victory. The future of Shanghai Shengwei Hui Branch Technology Co., Ltd. will gradually transition from manufacturing to technology services as the main "big sales, large technology, fine manufacturing" model. In the production process, the company continued to strengthen the quality of supervision, to ensure product safety and quality, which is the fundamental enterprise development, but also the responsibility of the incumbent.
Pursuit, never-ending. Let us with a firm belief and full of passion, innovative research and development, focusing on technical quality, into high-tech, energy-saving air compressor field, the common practice of the grand dream of taking off.

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